The first big viral trend of 2021 is....SEA SHANTIES. I told you 2021 was going to be a weird one. It all started on TikTok. Did you know, people spent more time on TikTok in 2020 than on Facebook? True fact. And for some reason, Sea Shanties are the hot new (or wicked old) thing.

According to Wikipedia, a sea shanty is "a type of traditional folk song that was once commonly sung as a work song to accompany rhythmical labor on board large merchant sailing vessels." At first pass, shanties seem kinda old fashioned, but when you listen to a few they are damn catchy! I've had a few stuck in my head all week. And you got to figure that here in Maine that could hear a sea shanty just walking down the street on the waterfront somewhere.

Here's some Maine Sea Shanty Singing (try saying that five times fast without swearing) with our local heroes at the Maine National Guard. They get some proper sea shanty training from famed shanty singer David Coffin. This is really fun to watch!


If YOU want to get started signing some sea shanties, start with the "Stairway of Heaven" of shanties. I bet you know this one; "Drunken Sailer."



How popular are sea shanties? Watch Jimmy Fallon and the Roots do the hit song "Drivers License." Hey, it YOU end up doing a shanty, we want to hear it! Email a video or audio to We might just play it on the radio!


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