When an 11-year-old from Orrington couldn't go out to celebrate his birthday, his godmother organized a special parade.

On Wednesday evening, I saw a post from my fellow Orrington resident, Sam Freeman's Facebook page, asking for help making her godson, Noah's birthday special. She talked about how she's always traveled distances to celebrate with him but, now that he's living in the same town as she is, the COVID-19 quarantine made it impossible for him to have a party.

So, on Thursday afternoon, Jim and I put our pup Toby in the van and headed out to join the fun. We all met at Orrington's shopping plaza and headed out from there. One of Orrington's firetrucks was there, along with a Penobscot County Sheriff's department cruiser, and lots of friends, families, and neighbors. I got some video of the procession, but I'm sorry to say that we went by Noah's house so quickly, I didn't get a clear shot of him. But I can tell you that he had a huge smile on his face.

The folks at the Lots of Love Daycare, who live just down Route 15 from Noah, also stood outside and waved. One of their teachers grabbed this video of the parade. (except for our van, which was one car behind the deputy)

Noah, we hope you had an awesome birthday, and that you enjoyed your parade even more than we enjoyed being a part of it.

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