When you get a craving for McDonald's hot chocolate, but there is a wicked storm - get your horse!

News Center Maine says the horse was an 8-year-old named Air Force Grad. During our biggest storm yet, Air Force Grad took Mike and Charlene Cushing of Farmington to McDonald's and they ordered their hot chocolate.

Steven Wilson works for them and caught the whole thing on video, which News Center Maine has shared.

News Center Maine says that Air Force Grad is raced all over Maine at local fairs and racetracks. But can he bring me to McDonald's?

First of all, I've never really thought of a one horse open sleigh, except in the concept that we all know it - "Jingle Bells"! You know...

Dashing through the snow - in a one horse open sleigh!


My God, it's a real thing! Now that is some damn good hot chocolate!

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