An Old Town Police Officer went to the rescue of a skunk who had two Dunkin' cups on his head and caught it all on his bodycam.

Who is the Officer?

Officer Hilton is new to the Old Town Police Department, having recently moved to Maine from Georgia. He joined the department in April and is, undoubtedly, expecting to encounter things he hasn't dealt with before. Like the upcoming sub-zero temperatures and blizzards. And skunks. Before this encounter, Old Town Police say Officer Hilton had never had an encounter with a skunk.

Where Was the Skunk?

Still, he handled it like a pro when he discovered a skunk in the Dunkin drive-through lane in Old Town that had, not one, but two iced coffee cups stuck on its head. The skunk can be seen, on Officer Hilton's body camera, running around in a panic, trying to figure out how to get free.

The video shows the Officer pulling on gloves before approaching the animal. Turn up your speakers to hear Hilton calling the skunk over and reassuring it, before reaching down to pull off a cup. The skunk starts to run off, but Officer Hilton calls it back, approaches cautiously, and pulls off the second cup. At this point, Hilton backs up and the skunk takes off.

Did the Officer Get Sprayed?

The end result was good news for both individuals involved in this encounter. The skunk was unharmed and free from the cups. And Officer Hilton walked away without getting sprayed. Nice work, Officer! Welcome to Maine and thank you for your service, to the skunk and the community.

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