Roads look wet this morning, but many are covered in a sheet of ice, so use caution on the early commute.

The good news is that temperatures will warm into the 40's today, so the roads will get better as the morning goes on. But my drive in from Orrington this morning was a slow one, with my anti-lock brakes working overtime just to keep my tires going in a straight line.

The Facebook informational forum, Maine Weather/Road Conditions has members from Troy, Dixmont, Plymouth, and other communites posting about similar conditions in those areas. Take it slow this morning and be conscious of not following too closely behind the car in front of you. It wouldn't be a good start to the day, ending up sliding into someone's trunk.

And, as an added bonus, be sure to watch for deer this morning. I had another threaten to cross in front of me this morning but she, wisely, decided to run off into the woods. Pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to stop. Be careful and stay safe today!

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