Early this morning, a little voice in my head saved me from a possible accident that could have done real damage to my vehicle.

You know what I'm talking about, right? We all have that 'little voice' in our heads. The unconscious thoughts that help you remember that you're nearly out of gas, or advise against reaching into a hot oven with a protective mitt. Some call it intuition. Others think it's a guardian angel looking over our shoulders. Or maybe it's a little ESP when the voice saves us from potentially dangerous situations.

I'm very glad this morning that I listened when that little voice popped into my head. I drive to work at 4:45 in the morning, a very active time for deer and other wildlife. But, in colder months, they're not as prevalent as they are during other seasons, and so I tend to get a little complacent. On the Dow Road in Orrington this morning, the little voice reminded me that temperatures have been warming up recently, and so I really should be more vigilant.

My eyes immediately started doing the side to side sweep that has saved me on many a morning commute and, sure enough, not 100 feet down the road, I spotted two large deer just about to step onto the pavement. If I hadn't been watching for them, chances are good that they would have darted in front of my vehicle, which would have made for a very bad start to my day. Instead, I stopped the car and let them cross in front of me, marveling at their beauty and at my luck that I'd listened to the warning in my brain.

As I continued on, I uttered a quiet 'thank you' to the guardian angel or whatever it was that just saved me from hitting the deer. So remember, next time that nagging voice in your head gives you a warning, take a minute and listen. It just might be saying something you need to hear!

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