Several centers have opened up since Monday's storm, to offer some warmth or just a place to charge up your electronics.

In this techno-dependent age, a lack of electricity causes some real inconveniences and even dangerous situations. While we may be able to live without a laptop for a day or two, it's not a good idea to let your phone go dead. Most of us don't have landline phones, so that cell phone is our connection to emergency services, if we need them. Or just calling to find a restaurant or grocery store where we can get something to eat.

The Maine Emergency Management Agency has a list of charging stations, and also warming centers where folks can go for a few hours and ward off the chill. We're lucky that it's not tremendously cold this week, but sit in a cold house for a few hours and you'll want a place to warm up too.

Here's what they have listed so far. For more information, log onto MEMA's website. If you don't see a location here that's close to you, consider calling your public safety department or town office for information about facilities nearby. Stay safe!

  • Bangor - Bangor Park and Rec building on Main Street (in the old Armory), Cross Insurance Center, and the Bangor Public Library - warming/charging station
  • Greene Town Office - Warming center
  • Lisbon Town Office - Warming center
  • Brooksville Fire station - Warming center
  • Stonington Island Community Center - Warming center
  • Bristol Mills Fire Station - Warming Center
  • New Harbor Fire Station - Warming Center
  • Old Town Middle School Gym - Warming center/Charging station
  • Orono - University of Maine field house - will open at 5 p.m. as a Red Cross emergency shelter

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