A Wales man is facing multiple charges after leading police on a high speed pursuit, while driving a stolen car from Auburn.

It was just after noon on Monday when a Maine State Police Trooper tried to stop a black 2016 Chevy Camaro on I-95. The vehicle was traveling southbound in the area of Pittsfield and was allegedly being operated aggressively, driving too fast, and had illegally attached license plates. The driver, later identified as 46-year-old Kirk Grover of Wales, failed to stop and the chase began.

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Grover exited the interstate in Clinton and briefly left the roadway. Troopers tried to get the car to stop, but Grover regained control of the vehicle and continued onto the Hinkley Road. Eventually, the driver stopped on his own at the intersection of Hinkley and Canaan Roads in Clinton.

Police say Grover was found to have numerous active arrest warrants for theft by unauthorized taking, theft by deception, violation of bail, and home repair fraud. He was out on bail conditions and had a suspended driver's license. The Camaro was determined to be stolen out of Auburn. Officials say Grover had allegedly taken it for a test drive and never returned it to the dealership. He also covered the factory red paint job with black spray paint, in order to disguise it.

A passenger in the vehicle, Victoria Stockwell of Lewiston, was uninjured in the incident. Grover was transported to the Somerset County Jail and has been charged with criminal speed, driving to endanger, eluding arrest, operating on a suspended license, attaching false plates, and violations of conditions of release.

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