The family of the famed Valentine's Bandit is sharing the signature heart design so others can carry on the mission.

What Did the Valentine's Bandit Do?

For more than forty years, hearts appeared, as if by magic, all over the greater Portland area for Valentine's Day. They were hung off buildings, bridges, and landmarks and residents looked forward to them every year. Some were even taped to the windows of police cruisers. But no one knew where they came from. It became the stuff of legends in Maine.

Did We Ever Learn His Secret Identity?

I'm sure there were some people who knew, because the VB couldn't have hung all those hearts on his own. But the source of the romantic displays remained a mystery to most for decades. That is, until 2023 when Kevin Fahrman passed away. It was only then that his family identified him as the mysterious Valentine's Bandit and revealed that he was the instigator of a group of pranksters who hung the hearts late at night every February 13th. It was a mission without any hidden meanings. No politics. No financial gain. Instead, the Valentine's Bandit just wanted to spread love and community. His life's mission was a huge success. Even the Portland Maine Police Department got into the fun by asking the public to help them catch the Valentine's Bandit so they could thank him.

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How Can We Be Valentine's Bandits?

So what happens now that Kevin Fahrman is gone? I'll admit, I secretly hoped that someone would pick up the bandit's cloak of invisibility and carry on the mission. So I was very happy when I heard that Fahrman's family has made his very own heart design downloadable. For free. They're hoping others will carry on the Valentine's Bandit's mission in their own communities. After a very tough year in our state, I think we could all use a little unconditional love of community. I look forward to hearing about where the hearts pop up on February 14th. Think about it. Spread the love. Carry on Fahrman's mission. As the website says, Be a Kevin.

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