Bangor residents who need to rid their yards of browntail moth nests can borrow tree pruners from the City.

Why Get Rid of the Nests Now?

No one wants browntail moths in their yard but once the caterpillars start coming out of their nests, it's too late to deal with them. That's why now is the best time to take down the nests because they're not active until April. Eliminating the nests from your yard will greatly reduce your exposure to the toxic hairs they carry that can cause a painful rash. Pictures of different types of nests can be found on the City of Bangor's website.

How Do You Do It?

Taking down a nest involves clipping the nest, rather than the tree limb, and then either burning the nests or soaking them in soapy water for 3 to 5 days. While doing this, it's advised that you wear protective clothing, including long sleeves and long pants, gloves, and safety glasses.

What's Involved in Bangor's Pruner Loan Program?

The City of Bangor Public Works Department has a program that can help people take care of their browntail moth nests, without having to go out and buy tree pruners. Bangor residents can borrow a pole pruner for one week, at no charge. They have instructions that will be given to each borrower and that are available online, about how to use the pole pruner.

Of course, there are some rules with this program. You only have the pruner for a week and if you neglect to bring it back, you'll be fined $1 a day until you return it. Forget to return it for a month, it will be considered stolen, and you'll have to cover the cost of the pole pruner. In other words, get it back within a week.

The pruners are only available to residents of Bangor. Anyone interested in borrowing one can call the Public Works Customer Service line at 207-992-4500, email Bangor Public Works, or stop by their offices.

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