Autumn in Orrington

The fall foliage is at peak right now, so I had to capture a few images of the beauty before it's gone.

Autumn is my favorite season, despite the fact that it's followed by winter. I just love walking through the woods, hearing the leaves crunch under my feet, and enjoying all the amazing colors. So I couldn't resist grabbing my camera as I headed out to work on Wednesday, and then taking a few detours on my trip home.

All of these pictures come from Orrington, which is ablaze with color right now. I visited Fields Pond, Kings Mountain, the Soudabscook Stream, and Swetts Pond to find as much color as possible. The views from Kings Mountain were absolutely breathtaking, with a carpet of color at my feet. I didn't make it up the Thomas Hill Standpipe this year for the autumn colors, but I found plenty by just driving up on the mountain.

"Most people are on the world, not in it." John Muir.

We live in such a breathtaking state. Take the time to stop and look around. You'll be glad you did.

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