Thousands of Mainers are still without power, after several days of stormy weather.

Line workers from Emera Maine and Central Maine Power have been working around the clock, repairing the damage done by the combination of heavy, wet snow and high winds. Utility and tree crews have been kept very busy, removing downed trees and limbs, and repairing transmission lines.

As of Monday morning, 21,793 Emera customers are still without electricity, and so are 13,122 customers of Central Maine Power. Residents are reminded to let the professionals remove trees and branches, and deal with the downed lines. As they said in that now-famous commercial, 'no line is safe to touch...evah.' The good news is that the weather is warming up, will be a little warmer, over the next few days, so it will make the task easier for line workers.

Anyone with a new outage, after last night's storm, can report it by calling Emera at 973-2000 or 1-855-363-2711, or by calling CMP at 1-800-696-1000.

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