Since I wasn't catching fish on a recent trip to Swetts Pond, I decided to shoot some video and share the beautiful sights and sounds of nature in Orrington.

Jim and I moved to Orrington six years ago and fell in love with Swetts Pond immediately. We live near the pond, so we get to fall asleep to the sound of loons each night, and hear them again over morning coffee. He got me into fishing a couple years ago, and so evening trips to the pond are a treat in the summer.

Tuesday night, after the thunderstorms moved through the area, we headed to Swetts with our poles in hand. And I grabbed my camera too, since photography is also a favorite hobby. The frogs were so loud, the water so calm, and the sky so beautiful that I couldn't resist taking a quick video so I could share the beauty.

So sit back, tune out the rest of the world, and take a mini-vacation in Orrington, enjoying nature, and letting the stress melt away. It will stay with you all day long. There's just something special about Swetts!

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