If you've noticed a raspy tone to my voice this week, blame it on Spring and the rising pollen numbers.

Did you hear me clear my throat on the air this morning? I was going into the 6 a.m. news and thought that Scott had turned off my microphone, so I cleared my throat. Unfortunately, I timed it wrong and did it just before he hit the switch, so everyone got to hear my allergies loud and clear.

I'm one of those people who loves almost everything about Spring. But while I'm excited to see the warmer temperatures, and am anxiously awaiting the blooming flowers and green leaves, all those beautiful buds on the trees are causing my throat to close up, my nose to plug, and my voice to sound like a sick frog.

According to pollen.com, the levels are going to be at their worst on Wednesday this week. They'll be a little better on Thursday, and really good on Friday. I'm seriously debating taking Wednesday off and just staying home, where no one can hear me sneeze and wheeze. But, if I give in, I might as well just pull the covers over my head for the whole season. And I can't do that. I'd miss hanging out in the studio every day.

I can't take allergy meds because they put me to sleep. Yup, even the 'daytime' remedies. Seriously, I'd be snoozing at the microphone if I took those. And I'm not sure which is worse, hearing me clear my throat or enduring my allergy-snore. So, I'll just tough it out and keep the throat lozenges close. If you hear me coughing, I'm not contagious. Just clearing the pollen from my lungs.

Good luck with the season, fellow allergy sufferers. If I could, I'd offer every one of you a cup of tea and a box of tissues. Let's show support for each other. If you're affected by seasonal allergies, let us know with a sneeze or a cough in the comment section under this post on our Facebook page.

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