A week after the windstorm that plunged nearly 500,000 Mainers into the dark, we want to send a huge 'Thank you!' to the folks who are still working on recovery efforts.

What a week it was! We all spent a lot of time complaining about the lack of electricity. No lights, no television, no computers or even hot showers. We couldn't make our own coffee and ended up eating sandwiches or heading to the incredibly busy restaurants around town. All our creature comforts were gone and we were left to sit with our families and read or play board games by candlelight. And it was damned inconvenient.

But then look at the folks who were working (and continue to work) restoring our power. They're standing in cherry picker baskets, despite chilly temperatures and/or rain. CMP officials told of one worker who was working after dark, heard a snap behind him, and ducked into the bucket just in time as the top of a tree brushed his shoulder. It's dangerous work, and they've been at it for long, long hours. While their kids were substituting trunk or treat events for the door-to-door, they were traveling to new areas to work on the damage.

Then there are the tree crews who have faced monumental cleanup jobs. I mean, think about how annoying and challenging it was to clean up your yard and multiply that by a LOT! Again, they've worked long, long hours, into the night. Many of these folks have traveled from other states, leaving their families at home while they live in hotels and eat in restaurants, working around the clock to help us out.

To all of you, we say 'Thank You!' We appreciate all the hard work, the dangers of your job, and the fact that you worked endlessly to bring us some sense of normalcy and comfort. We hope your job is completed soon so your lives can get back to normal. In the meantime, know that you're our heroes!

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