A man wanted in Texas for human trafficking and child endangerment has been arrested in Maine with $40K in illegal drugs.

What Charges Does He Face?

Isaac Mirales, 38, of Richmond, Texas is charged in Maine with aggravated trafficking in methamphetamine and as a fugitive from justice. Mirales has three outstanding arrest warrants in Texas for possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs, human trafficking/smuggling of persons, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Where Was He Arrested?

The arrest was the result of an investigation that was prompted by complaints from local residents about suspicious activity in and around the Riverside and Brighton Avenue areas of Portland and Westbrook. Agents identified Mirales as an individual allegedly selling methamphetamines to local drug users. Officials say he was allegedly conducting those sales from the parking lot of a Westbrook motel, where he was staying with his Texas girlfriend and her two minor children.

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What Drugs Were Seized in the Search?

On Tuesday evening, executed a search warrant in the hotel room where Mirales was staying. Drug agents seized nearly a half-pound of crystal methamphetamine, 90 grams of crack and cocaine powder, 36 grams of heroin, $550 in suspect drug proceeds, and materials consistent with the packaging of drugs for sale. Officials say the approximate street value of the seized drugs is $40,000.

Mirales was arrested without incident and taken to the Cumberland County Jail. Bail on the drug trafficking charge was set at $500 cash. However, he's being held with no bail regarding the fugitive from justice charges.

If you suffer from substance use disorder, you're encouraged to call 211 or text your zip code to 898-211 for a list of resources available in your area.

Anyone with information about this investigation or the illegal sale of drugs in their community is urged to contact the Maine Drug Enforcement office closest to them. Information can also be reported by texting MDEA to TIP411 (847411) or by calling the MDEA tip line at 1-800-452-6457.

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