Actually, I have a route planned, but I am adaptable.

Miller Time for A Road Trip Through New England

Not the first choice in vacations, although truth be told, I am looking forward to finally doing this.

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My Father passed away last fall in Canada. He had a wonderfully long life and in his last few months he was made as comfortable as possible, especially emotionally with my youngest sister. The Zoom funeral was not quite the same as the real thing, but everyone had to make sacrifices during the pandemic.

The border between Canada and The U.S. is still closed.  So the plan was made back last fall to have a ‘celebration of life’ this summer.  That is when I booked a week off for a vacation in mid-July. As of last month, the border was supposed to reopen on June 30th. Shortly before that Canada announced the border would reopen at the end of July instead.

Now we’re shooting for September. But what to do with the week off I’d already been approved to take. Going to do something I have thought of doing since I was a kid.  Actually, when I was a kid was the last time I did what I’m going to do next week.  I was born in Nova Scotia and grew up in Toronto.  We would visit my Grand Parents, Uncles and Aunts, and dozens of cousins every summer.  Road trip, and my father would enter the U.S. in Upstate New York, almost to the Vermont border and we’d motor through the Green Mountains in Vermont and The White Mountains in New Hampshire and continue on Route 2 into Maine, then at Bangor/Brewer get on Highway 9 for the last leg to Calais where we crossed back into Canada.  Two or three weeks later, we’d do the reverse trip.

As a kid, it’s funny what one stores away in their memory for later recall, but I always thought it would be fun to make that drive, same route when I grew up. So far I’ve only done the Maine part of the Route 2 trip.  As a kid, I remember Rumford and the odor from the nearby mill. Another memory and probably why I thought to myself that I should make the same trek many years later was the memory of going up and down the hills through the mountains.  That’s my plan for next week.

No hurry.  Stop where and when I want.  And make a week out of ‘Road Trip 2021’.  And you know I will be taking photos.  You have been warned. Vacation photos to follow.

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