Several teenagers in Eddington are facing charges in connection with an incident in an abandoned house.

Where Did This Happen?

It was just after 3:00 Wednesday afternoon when dispatchers at the Penobscot Regional Communications Center received a report of a group of juveniles walking into one of two buildings on the Clewleyville Road in Eddington. Officials say the two properties, which have been empty for several years, have been the targets of vandalism in the past.

What Damage Was Done?

When the Deputies arrived on the scene, they noticed people fleeing into the woods from the rear of the property and smoke coming from one of the homes. An inspection of the source of the smoke revealed that the suspects had tried to light a section of wall insulation on fire and damaged numerous things inside the residence. In addition, they saw that the juveniles had been lighting off fireworks inside the building.

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Were the Teens on the Scene?

Officials searched the area and found a 15-year-old male hiding in the basement of the home and additional juveniles that were involved in the incident in the area. Their parents were called and took custody of the kids.

The Maine State Fire Marshal's Office was called to the scene to investigate potential attempted arson while the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office looked into several similar incidents that have happened in the same area in recent weeks. Officials say the juveniles involved in Wednesday's incident are being charged with related crimes and will be referred to the Juvenile Community Corrections Office.

The names of the people involved were not released because they're underage.

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