Suspects Sought In Bangor Meth Bust

Bangor Police are searching for suspects after meth-making materials were left in a hallway.

It was around 9:30 yesterday morning when police were called to an apartment building at 36 Mount Hope Avenue for a report of suspicious bags that were left in a hallway. The responding officer found two backpacks, a purse, and some clothing lying in a third floor hallway. Near the bags, the officer discovered a bottle of muriatic acid, which is a component used in the making of meth, and coiled plastic tubing.

Maine Drug Enforcement agents were called in and they found two 'one pot' methamphetamine reaction vessels that still contained liquid and they notified the MDEA lab team to respond. Team members took the bags outside the building, set up their equipment, and processed the items for evidence. Once samples were secured for analysis, the materials were turned over to the Department of Environmental Protection for destruction.

This investigation is ongoing and MDEA officials were confident the suspects that left the materials behind would be identified. The Bangor Police and MDEA were aided by Bangor Fire and the DEP in this incident.

This was the state's 8th methamphetamine response in 2018. In 2017, MDEA responded to 58 meth lab sites, which was down from a total of 126 in 2016.

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