To win on the Survivor televison show, you can imagine one would have to be in great shape, and very active and strong. Especially if you were the oldest ever to win the competition.

Mainer Bob Crowley was the winner of Survivor in 2008, and the oldest winner ever at 57. If you do the math, Bob is now 72, and still very active.

Frederick M Brown/Getty Images
Frederick M Brown/Getty Images

Q106.5 Morning Show talked to Bob this morning about his participation once again in this year’s Q106.5 Egg Ride which is this Saturday morning.

Bob is still as active as he was on Survivor. After he spoke with us this morning, he was going out to groom the trails at Maine Forest Yurts.

He snowmobiles quite often, even if only to keep the trails packed down and in good riding shape.

You are welcome to come and meet Bob and see him ride in the Egg Ride again this year, and this year with his snowmobile suit full of egg shaped jello.

Imagine the mess.

Here’s how you can donate to Pine Tree Camp to help the Open Door Policy continue. No camper has ever been turned away due to inability to pay the tuition.

More information about this years Q106.5 Egg Ride here. 

When Bob was asked about why he volunteers to assist Pine Tree Camp he said

Both my parents were veterans from World War II and instilled in me that it is our responsibility to give back. I’m an incredibly lucky person and I like to help others and to give back

Come meet and chat with Bob Crowley this Saturday morning at the Egg Ride. We leave from Dysart’s Truck Stop in Hermon (across the street where the car wash is located) The ride begins at 10. So come meet Bob and all the riders after 9 a.m.

Here is the on air segment with Bob from the Q106.5 Morning Show.

Not going to spoil his answer about the worst thing about being the oldest Survivor winner ever, you’ll have to listen.

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