Over $5 a dozen and some say they are going to $10 a dozen. Yes, Eggs.

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Who would have thought? But there are lots of arms and legs to the increase.

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Google ‘how many hens have been put down due to Avian Flu’ The answer is millions. So we have a shortage at the initial source. And supply and demand dictate prices rise when a product becomes more scarce.

And just in time here comes the Q106.5 Egg Ride, Two weeks from this weekend. We’re riding from Dysart’s Truck Stop in Hermon.

To back up the fact that is about to be revealed, many discussions have taken place each year about the use of eggs, meaning food, that is basically wasted. Or in this case "waisted."

Nelson Jewell
Nelson Jewell

Actually, the eggs are donated, and the farm that has donated the eggs used for the Egg Ride in the past has always donated eggs that are either undersized or past selling date.

And for the record, they always donate eggs from their farm to food pantries that are edible too. They are a very generous family.

Dawn Willard Robinson is Pine Tree Camp Director. Adria King is Donor Relations Director and they are responsible for the details and the execution of the annual Q106.5 Egg Ride.

We are in touch all year and have discussions about everything Egg Ride and event-related.

And the fact that we use eggs when some Mainers are food insecure has indeed been discussed for many years.

The topic of doing the Egg Ride, still calling it the Egg Ride but finding a substitution for eggs has come up.

And over the past couple of days, the discussion has ramped up.

One of the suggestions was those plastic eggs that we use at Easter.


And we also had a suggestion sent to the Q106.5 Morning Show on the Q106.5 app from listener Feleshia E Beach who commented

They are saying by the end of this year eggs will be $10 a dozen. You all might want to use jello

We think you got something there. Jello in those plastic eggs.

Photo by Matt Briney on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Briney on Unsplash

You bet some of those will break or leak and the Egg Riders will get messed up. And for the die-hard 'gotta be eggs in the suit' riders we'll get some real eggs for you.

That is the plan for at least this year, for the Q106.5 Egg Ride on Saturday, February 4th.

Here are all the details

And it's still the egg ride by name.

And the spirit and the purpose remain the same.

It has always been about getting attention in an effort to raise money for Pine Tree Camp.  That's it, in a nutshell, or in this case in an eggshell. Ask  Bob Duchesne who 38  years ago came up with the idea of riding with eggs in the suit to raise money for Pine Tree Camp.

You can help out here. 

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