Good news makes us all feel better, if only for a little while. When we hear about people doing kind things, it brings feelings of comfort to us. Brings hope that maybe everything will work out okay.

Good news from Surry yesterday.

Perry’s Lobster Shack does a good deed that will assist many, and did it for the right reasons. Because people help people.

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Maybe you know Perry’s Lobster Shack, maybe you don’t. It is on Newbury Neck Road in Surry. Seth Cote runs the place.

So when Seth heard about an issue at Surry School he reached out to help.

Surry School has an issue with their drinking water. And when it comes to soft drinks, Perry’s Lobster Shack sells Pepsi products.

Seth knew that Surry School doesn’t do business with Pepsi, but he reached out to his Pepsi sales rep, Jesse, and told him the situation of Surry School lacking drinking water. He asked if Pepsi could do anything to help.

Pepsi said they’d deliver a pallet of bottled water. It’ll be there this morning. And the local Pepsi distributors paid for half of the cost of the pallet of water.

Perry’s paid for the other half of the pallet of water.

So hats off to Jesse from Pepsi, and his bosses and to Seth from Perry’s Lobster Shack for stepping up and getting things done.


The community of Surry should be proud.

And anyone that wants to help out and donate bottled water to the school, I bet they’d be appreciative.

Here’s Perry’s Lobster Shack Facebook post

And the segment from Q106.5 Good News on air

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