Thanks for reading this.  And if you have a love of reading, thank whomever from the past.

So, lets pay our love of reading forward.

Help put books into young people’s hands.

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If you are going to the Blue Hill Fair this weekend, here is how you can help that movement of encouraging reading to young children.

Catherine Yeulet

This year is the second year that Rosanna’s Readers & Legacy has a booth at Blue Hill Fair.

Rosanna’s Readers & Legacy is  Brooklin based non-profit in memory of Rosanna McFarland who was a teacher and reading specialist at Surry Elementary School.

In Rosanna’s honor, her family provides books to elementary school students in Washington County. On their birthdays, elementary students in Brooklin, Brooksville and Surry have been given books.

And thanks to the support of fair goers last year, this year Blue Hill Consolidated and Sedgwick Elementary schools will be added to the list of book recipients.

Steve Frost,ThinkStock
Steve Frost,ThinkStock

Rosanna’s Readers will be with the Charlotte’s Web exhibit at the Blue Hill Fair all weekend long, collecting donations for the project.

Have a great time at the Blue Hill Fair. It’s hard to not do that. And remember Rosanna’s Readers when you are there.

The more books in more school kids' hands will benefit us all in the long term. Keep them reading.

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Getty Images

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