Healthy Peninsula is based in Blue Hill and is celebrating their 20th year in existence. Their purpose is to improve the health of the Blue Hill Peninsula, Deer Isle and Stonington.

Yes, there are a lot of well-off people there, but there are also a lot who struggle week to week to get by.

Healthy Peninsula operates a Magic Food Bus program. This is the 12th summer of mostly volunteers that operate a traveling farm stand and mobile library that delivers free, fresh local produce, books and information about food security.

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The Magic Food Bus program began in Sedgwick in 2011, when Sedgwick School Librarian Margaret Bixby’s great was recognized as a perfect match for Healthy Peninsula’s Good Food Project

They have expanded to include Deer Isle, Stonington, Blue Hill, Penobscot, Brooksville, Castine, Brooklin and Surry, and they are serving many people weekly.

Healthy Peninsula purchases produce from local farmers. But they have also recruited volunteer gardeners who contribute as well.

But wait there’s more. They also partner with The Gleaning Initiative. And many pounds of gleaned produce that might otherwise go to waste is given to the program from local markets.

All adding up to the tune of almost 4 tons of produce making over 10 thousand meals last year.

More than two thirds of that was donated.

The Magic Food Bus makes stops each week, Here’s the schedule.

Courtesy Healthy Peninsula
Courtesy Healthy Peninsula

Fundraising continues to be an important element in the sustainability of the Magic Food Bus.

Anyone can make a donation when you visit and pick up produce, or reach out with a donation to Healthy Peninsula to keep this much needed and great program growing.

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