Alright here we go.  If you haven’t participated in the ‘What’s in the Easter Basket’ poll do so here. Happy Easter.

Because we have to move on.  Monday is the return of the Q106.5 Crazy Cash Cow Contest.  You can win cash, up to $10,000.  But you need the Q106.5 APP

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Listen to Q106.5 (on the radio, thru Alexa, or on the App or Stream)  At the start of every hour we will give you a code word to enter.  That’s your entry to win.  We do it every hour Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. So 10 code words a day. 50 a week. Get as many as you can to have more chances to win cash.  And if I may get your family, friends, and co-workers involved.  That way if you miss a code word, they probably have it and that will increase your chances too. Form a club.

Okay, got how to play.  Now how to spend the cash. Yes, you could throw an end of pandemic party that would be the envy of people from all over. The bonfire burning the masks would be massive.  Be careful.

Lots would take that money and do an update in their home.  Kitchen renovation. Bathroom upgrade.  Man Cave improvements.

Trips might be popular again later this summer.  Oh, where to go.

Listen for the Crazy Cash Cow to Moo.

Hold on.  Let’s take a minute or two to digest what has been said and get ready for the rest of the information.

Here’s a brief interlude.

Scott Miller/Townsquare Media Bangor

Is that the Q106.5 Crazy Cash Cow?  Actually, no. That is a massive piece of art that hangs in a massive room in my massive mansion. You too can have artwork like that should you win the cash.

Getty Stock/Think Stock

That one on the left looks like the guy on the Q106.5 Morning Show.

Leon Neal/Getty Images

I love Cows.  Cows are so cool


Wow, Wiley can do that.

Aimee Huotari

Winning begins on Monday. Listen for the Crazy Cash Cow on Q106.5 Good luck to all.

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