It's not a holiday in America if there's no candy involved.  And I don't think I just made that up. This holiday we put the candy into a basket, instead of a stocking or a pumpkin.

Let's review the most popular choices for favorites.

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Of course this time of year they aren't cups, they're egg shaped. But a Reese's is a Reese's no matter the shape.  And the combination or Chocolate and Peanut Butter is a winner, winner, winner.

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Gotta love jelly beans.  Nothing but sugar and a bunch of chemicals and dye.  What's not to love. They are probably most popular at Easter and they have to be on the list.

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How about Eggs.  Whether hard boiled and painted, or packaged and covered in chocolate. Cadbury Eggs for example probably has their biggest sales of the year at Easter time.

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Chocolate bunnies.  Hollow or Solid.  Good chocolate or run of the mill chocolate.  Hard to resist.  There are even college courses on how to best eat a chocolate bunny. Or there should be. But who among us doesn't eat the ears first. And no it wasn't me in the photo above.

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Peeps is on the list of favorite candy for Easter. Not my favorite, so I shouldn't be the one to write the review.

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Just a reminder, in case you want to go back and vote again, any form of peanut butter cups should be reason to celebrate anything.  FYI, the above choices as listed in a national survey  No offense if your favorite was omitted.

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