I'm back from vacation and brought a few photos with me of some of the wildlife that Jim and I encountered during the week, including a couple pretty good-sized bass!

It was a great summer break, and included time with the grandkids, a trip to Belfast for lobster, and an amazing fishing trip. We fished the Penobscot River out of Passadumkeag and, thanks to my coworker who also works as a Maine Guide, found quite a few fish.There were lots of small swimmers and a few somewhat bigger ones and, at times, we were catching at the same time. Thanks to Dan Groshon, who definitely knows where to find the fish. And to his wife Janet for a delicious lunch by the water. It was a perfect day.

The trip to Belfast included a stop-off at Sandy Point Beach. Jim  and I had never been there before and loved how secluded it is, and the great pylons that were covered in birds. I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the birds as they warmed themselves in the sun, but decided not to invade the privacy of the human animals who were doing the same thing!

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