Sure it's a very special race, but it's also a party. Live music day and night, a beer garden. Call it racing and adventure.

And only one of three races in North America. It is called the World Series for a reason, the other races are around the world

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The mountain bike race involves time stages that are primarily downhill but vary in steepness, length, and difficulty. Between each stage, there will be transfer stages that are mostly uphill.

Former Olympic mountain biker Adam Craig and the Sugarloaf trail crew constructed all-new gravity-fed mountain bike trails last summer spanning approximately 10 miles and 2000 vertical feet.

One of the riders to watch is 15-year-old, Old Town, Maine native Kale Cushman. She holds the home field advantage with previous wins at Sugarloaf.

Tickets are needed for the evening concert shows and for spectator lift tickets and spectator lift tickets will cost you, but there are several spectating opportunities for free within walking distance of the base. The event takes place in numerous locations across the mountain, and there are many places to watch without needing a ticket.

The Enduro World Series represents the ultimate combination of racing and adventure. Riders encounter the most physically and technically challenging mountain bike trails in the world

Right here at Sugarloaf. this weekend. Scroll down for the Information here.

Photo by Trevor Chown on Unsplash
Photo by Trevor Chown on Unsplash

Don't try that at home.

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