Maine skiers will have a lot to be thankful for this year. At least, that's what AccuWeather forecasters are reporting. The national weather organization is predicting one heck of a winter for skiing conditions in the Pine Tree State.

While Maine and other New England states haven't gotten much of the white stuff in early-season, it doesn't mean it's been a total loss. In fact, the lowering temps have made it quite the opposite.

According to Yahoo! News, the unusual warm start to November was just a blip on the radar, because the cold temps have created ideal conditions for snowmaking. These conditions have even allowed for big mountains like Sunday River and Sugarloaf to already open.

AccuWeather forecasters also told Yahoo! News that some patience may be required for New Englanders waiting for the powdery conditions. According to AccuWeather, early predictions seem to indicate a swath of late season snowstorms. This could mean outstanding conditions for Maine's mountains deep the season. This may not be the best news for winter haters. However, it's like a lottery win for us snow hounds.

The forecasters do warn of potential icy conditions midseason. This would make sense, considering EVERY YEAR has icy conditions midseason. Overall, it's considered a "good" forecast for Maine this year.

This is exciting news for the state's skiers and industry. It feels like it's been a few years since the state had an ideal season. One would have to think if this forecast is close to being accurate, we could be looking at busy mountains and satisfied skiers. This also could a boon to the ski towns' small businesses that are always hoping for a good snow year.

So, break out the snow dance, and enjoy the white stuff in 2023.

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