Residents of a Bucksport motel have been given two days to find other accommodations, after the building was deemed unsafe.

The people still living in the motel knew that this was coming. The Town Council has been looking at the business for some time now, working on the best way to deal with an establishment that they say has fallen into disrepair. Council members say they've seen places where the roof is falling in, rooms with no heat, and electrical issues. Several area agencies have been working with the residents to help them find alternate housing, as the council decided whether or not to shut the motel down.

On Thursday night, the Town Council decided to do just that. The owners have 30 days to work with professionals on bringing the motel up to compliance, and 90 days to complete the job. Failure to do that will result in the building being seized by the town. Officials would then have options like putting up a fence and/or boarding up the building, in order to keep people out.

All of this follows an inspection that was done more than two years ago. Bucksport Code Enforcement Officer Luke Chiavelli told WABI-TV that he has the option of extending some of the deadlines, if he sees a good faith effort to improve conditions at the motel. He says he's not optimistic that it will happen, as conditions have continued to deteriorate since the original inspection.

The Spring Fountain Motel is owned by Asad Khaqan, who lives in New Jersey. He joined Thursday night's council meeting by phone. The recorded town council meeting is available to view online.

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