The headline says it all, really. Now, to be fair, I've driven in a lot of different states, and I wouldn't say Maine are the worst drivers. But I would certainly say we are impatient. But let's be real....Worst drivers?

Not. Even. Close. Bub.

First of all, have any of the doofuses from this website ever driven in Connecticut? That's where the worst drivers on Earth live. We might be the worst in the country, but our neighbors in southern New England have cornered the market on what it means to be an absolute (word-I-can't-use) jerk behind the wheel. Consistently, if I get cut odd on the highway, or someone is weaving in and out of traffic, they always, ALWAYS, have Connecticut plates.

Now I do have to say, and this won't be a popular opinion, Massachusetts drivers (#22?!) get a tiny bit of a bad rep. Are they kind of awful? Yup. But that's because in Boston especially, if you need to make a move in traffic, you just do it. But if you do that anywhere else, without waiting for some sort of OK from other drivers, you set off a road-rage chain reaction. Or over-reaction as the case may be.

But back to the original idea... Are we really the worst drivers in the country? I still say no. However, according to the Bangor Daily News via, there has been a significant uptick in traffic accidents in this state. Like... by a lot. From 2016-2017 there were 1500 more accidents than previously. 1500!!! In one year!

According to, the site that released this info, this is the main reason why we jumped from #7 to #1. So maybe we do need to chill out with driving so fast, and do a whole lot less distracted driving. But to try and tell me that Connecticut sits at #29 is bogus. If these folks have even been to Connecticut, they only went to the quietest, quaintest town they could find. Or the author lives in Danbury.

Either way, again, maybe we should learn to chill it out just a little. But I swear to god, if I see the author of this article ever, anywhere in traffic, I'll just smile and wave them in.


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