I'm pretty sure I'm just a big kid. I've mentioned on several occasions I love construction vehicles, big rigs, tractors, trains, and of course ... airplanes of all shapes and sizes. I've really never had the desire to operate any of these things because I imagine they require a skill set that I am incapable of acquiring.

However, I could sit at the airport and watch planes take off for hours. I used to when I was a kid. My mom went to some gym that used to be near there, and back when kids could roam a half mile away from their parents and not cause a police APB, I would wander over to the side of the runway by the fence and watch.

As I was cruising through Facebook this afternoon, I saw a number of folks posting videos and comments about some jets taking off from BIA. And on the Bangor Area Scanner page, Jorge Malone posted an excellent video of the jets taking off. Check it out!

You may remember one of Jorge's videos that we used a while back, of a truck towing a truck with a trailer attached, being pushed by a truck towing a boat. Luckily, that video was easier to watch than it was to describe, but it seems Jorge is often in the right place at the right time, as evidenced by today's video.

So far, I haven't been able to confirm what type of jet they are, or where from they are from. But, our local National Guard unit does re-fueling for many types of aircraft from all over the world here. And BIA is the last airport for planes leaving to go overseas, and the first one they come to on the way back.

So really, this site is nothing remotely uncommon for this area. But that doesn't diminish how cool it is. At any rate, if anyone needs me ... I'll just be over here watching this video several times.

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