Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 13th. For avid collectors of music, especially in the hands-on physical form, Record Store Day is kinda like Christmas and you birthday all rolled up into one. Artists, bands, and record labels put out all kinds of unreleased music or special editions of previous albums. Or sometimes there are sweet contests, and secret shows.

But for some reason, country music hardly participates in this wonderful endeavor. There are literally hundreds of new releases on that day, and in 2019, there is just the smallest handful. This year, out of those hundreds, there are about six country releases. Let's check out a few...

  • Kelsea Ballerini is putting out 500 copies of her Spotify Singles Sessions
  • Emmylou Harris is offering up a serious collection of her works from 1980-1983
  • Kip Moore will release a special version of Room To Spare
  • LeeAnn Rimes is putting out a killer new live album. But limited to 1000 copies

According to, none of these releases will be over 1500 copies. So if you're a die-hard fan of any of these folks, you may want to look into pre-ordering some. Bull Moose Music in Bangor is awesome about helping track down and pre-order RSD releases.

And of course the main spirit of RSD is buying local. So get out to your local shop, wherever that may be, and give them the business. Plus your bigger chain stores aren't as likely to have these special editions. So get your wallet ready, and get out early on Saturday. Good luck finding the good stuff!

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