Freezing rain and sleet are causing some hazardous conditions on Maine's roads today, so drivers are reminded to slow down.

The accident pictured happened sometime after 10:00 this morning, on I-395, just before Exit 2 in Bangor. It may seem improbable or reckless, but freezing rain is deceptive and can catch a driver off-guard. Unlike sleet, freezing rain comes down as..well...rain. It doesn't freeze until it hits the ground. So while your windshield looks like it's just raining, it's actually glare ice.

Drivers are reminded to slow down today, give themselves extra time to get to their destination, and stay off the roads if they possibly can. You don't want to drive too close to the car in front of you in weather like this, so you have plenty of room to stop, especially when approaching an intersection. It all seems like common sense, but reminders are always a good idea.

For information about road conditions in your area, log onto the Maine weather/road conditions Facebook page or the DOT's 511 New England website. State Police have reduced the speed on I-95 to 45 miles per hour, so put down the phone, slow down, and pay attention.

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