Two Skowhegan Area High School students have been charged with felony terrorizing for allegedly posting threats on social media.

The trouble started on Tuesday night, when a freshman student posted a message on social media, threatening violence against the school. Skowhegan Police say the first message gave Wednesday's date, followed by a deadly threat. Because of that, school was canceled for Wednesday, and police began investigating.

On Thursday, after students were already in class, another message posted on SnapChat, this time saying that closing the schools only made the sender want to 'kill more.' The schools were put on lock down, with police officers posted at the exits.

Skowhegan Police say two students at the school have been arrested in connection with the threats. The freshman and sophomore were charged with felony terrorizing and taken to the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland. Class C Felony Terrorizing is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Police say it does not appear that the two boys are friends or that they worked together. Instead, they say, the second post seems to have been a copycat. Their names have not been released because they're juveniles.

Police continue to investigate these incidents.

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