A proposal making its way to the Transportation Committee could require all Maine vehicles to have snow tires for winter.

The bill, sponsored by Representative David McCrea, is called 'An Act To Require Snow Tires or All-weather Tires on Automobiles from October Through April.' The title is pretty self-explanatory, for the proposal that would require all Maine vehicles to have snow tires or all weather tires from October 2nd to the end of April. McCrea is a retired school teacher from Fort Fairfield, Maine.

In addition, the bill would ask the Maine State Police to come up with a definition for what constitutes a 'snow tire' or an 'all weather tire,' and a method for identifying whether a driver's tires were within the law. We assume this would also mean some sort of penalty for the drivers of any vehicles that did not comply with the requirement. (this is an assumption. I haven't read anything that addresses the consequences of not following the requirement)

The bill, that actually applies to all vehicles (not just cars, as it says in the title) has been referred for review by the Transportation Committee. But we're interested in what you think. Is this a good idea or not? Take our poll and let us know your opinion.

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