If you're in the entertainment industry, you're lucky if you even get enough work to keep a roof over your head. Whether it's in front of the camera, or behind, getting work is tough. And even if you are that lucky, getting recognized by the Film Academy for work you've done, seems an even less attainable goal.

But Maine-based production designer and location scout Pete Hansen, seems to not only have found good work, a project he's been involved with is now made it onto the Oscar shortlist. This doesn't mean the film is officially nominated yet, but it does mean the Academy is scrutinizing it pretty hard for consideration.

The short film is called Sometimes, I Think About Dying. He and filmmaker Able Horowitz agreed that it didn't feel like an L.A. or even California kind of film. So Hansen scouted out several different areas, and settled mostly on Bangor, Bar Harbor and Southwest Harbor, according to News Center Maine.

In addition to the Oscar attention, it's done very well in all the big film festivals as well, such as the Sundance Film Festival. Granted, the subject matter seems a little on the dark and depressing side, but hey... It's winter in Maine, so it should fit right in! It's been dark and depressing here for weeks.

If you feel inclined to check it out, you can watch it below.

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