Rockland is once again home to a Maine staple around this time of year. The lobster trap tree!

Where else than the Lobster capital of the world would you find the worlds largest lobster trap tree?! That's right, a Christmas tree made of special made green traps. These are real lobster traps, or pots, that are special made with green wire to make the tree more authentic.

There are more than 100 traps making up the tree with more than a thousand lights wrapped around it. There are also colorful lobster buoys used as ornaments up and down the tree. It of course it topped with a lobster.

The tree has been a staple in the town this time of year for 14 years and has been featured on the Discovery Channel. There have been competitions in the past with other local towns to make the best trap tree, but the Rockland trap tree prevails.

The tree will be lit at 6PM November 24th. The lighting will coincide with the towns festival of lights. The festivities kick off at noon with the coast guard bringing in Santa by boat!

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