The mother of a man missing from Bangor for months says he once walked 17 miles away from a group home, so the search is being expanded.

When Did Graham Lacher Go Missing?

Graham Lacher has been missing since June, after walking away from the Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center in Bangor. According to his mother, Tammy Lacher Scully, Graham is diagnosed as both autistic and schizophrenic. So far, the search has focused on Bangor, especially in the Bangor Mall area, with no results other than the discovery of his orange hat. But after sharing a story of another time Graham ran from a group home, she says the search is expanding statewide.

What Happened the Last Time He Ran?

During an interview on the podcast, 'Locating the Lost,' that was posted on Facebook over the weekend, Tammy revealed a lot of information about Graham, as a person, including the fact that he's very intelligent and well-read. As a matter of fact, Graham Lacher speaks many languages and has studied philosophy. He's a creative, artistic man whose conditions cause him to struggle with everyday life. He's never had a job, has never managed his own money, and is fearful of strangers. But that doesn't mean that Graham went into the woods near Stillwater Avenue and stayed there.

On the podcast, Tammy tells of another time Graham ran away, this time from a group home in Norridgewock. She says he was unhappy with the facility, preferring a smaller home in a less rural area. His diagnoses, however, have made it difficult for Tammy to find places equipped to house him. Graham left the facility on foot and a search was launched in the immediate area. However, they soon learned that Graham had gone into the woods until dark and then began to walk when the roads were quieter. Tammy says he walked 17 miles to Waterville, which is where he was found. He had money then, so he was stopping at fast food places to eat and rest before moving on.

Who Do We Call If We Think We've Seen Him?

This is why she has decided it's time to expand the search to include the entire state. Rallies were held over the weekend in Bangor, Augusta, and Portland and flyers are being handed out with pictures of Graham, in hopes someone will remember seeing him. Signs are also being posted along main roads, to remind people to watch for him.

Tammy cautions, again, not to try and approach Graham or call out to him if he's spotted, because it could cause him to bolt and go further underground. Instead, she says, call 911 immediately. She's racing against the clock, trying to get him to safety before the winter weather sets in. You can follow the progress of the search on the Facebook page, Missing Graham Lacher.  

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