It's that time of year...I was bordering on being late for an appointment this morning because first I was behind a school bus, and then had to jam my brakes on as I rolled up on a school zone that I had grown used to just cruising right through. So first and foremost, keep your eyes and ears and wits about you, because the kiddies are back in town. If not this week, certainly next week schools will be back in full force.

But on the bright side, if your doing some of your shopping for the kids online, you can also help out Literacy Volunteers of Bangor. If you buy your supplies at, a portions of your purchase can be designated to go to LVB. They do so much great work in our community helping people of all ages with their reading struggles. And they can definitely use all the help they can get!

So login, get your kids stocked up, and help out Literacy Volunteers of Bangor! You need to get the shopping done anyhow, so have your money do some good at the same time. Maybe I'll get myself a new backpack!

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