A new scam involves text messages that ask the recipient to go to a local store.

The messages appear to be coming from someone familiar to the recipient. They state that the person is unable to get out to the store, and ask that the recipient go in their place. There's no indication, in the message, about what they need at the store.

York County Sheriff's Department officials were alerted to the scam when a local businessman reported that he had heard from several people, claiming that he had texted them. He hadn't. The messages received by these people were asking them if they would do the businessman a 'favor.' While it didn't detail what the favor was, the sheriff's office says it would probably be a request to purchase gift cards. Then the sender would likely ask that the gift card numbers be messaged to them or that pictures of the cards be sent to them, via text.

On the surface, it seems like anyone receiving a text like this would dismiss it. But, with people being quarantined by the pandemic, it's not unreasonable to think that a friend or family member would be stuck at home and unable to get to the store. There's no indication that anyone who received the fake text messages has followed through with the process.

Officials advise that anyone receiving a text from phone number 207-613-4821 check with the person who supposedly sent the message. Don't call the number listed here, but call the number that's familiar to you from this person. If they didn't send the text, report the incident to police.

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