This Sunday, the weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous. What are you gonna do? Sit on the couch and watch the sun shine? Go outside and rake the lawn? Go out in the garage and pretend to be cleaning whenever your wife is looking? Actually, that sounds like just about every weekend at my house. Not my wife, she's as active as they get. But me, I'm kind of a couch potato.

However, when it comes to a good cause, I'm all about getting off the couch and into some workout gear and raising money to help people. It's the least we can do on this Earth, is to try and help other people if we are fortunate enough to do so. That's why maybe this Sunday you can get out and about and help raise money for Sarah's House in Holden with the Airline TrALE Run!!

Airline Brewing Company out of Amherst and Ellsworth is hosting this awesome event where you can do as much, or as little, walking or running to benefit Sarah's House. They're an awesome non-profit, and what they do is best described in their own words from their website:

The mission of Sarah’s House is to provide temporary lodging in a comfortable “home away from home” environment to cancer patients (and their caregivers) receiving treatments at Cancer Care.  We serve a vast area for cancer treatment, and convenient lodging is essential for these people.  At Sarah’s House, we provide not only an affordable place to stay, but a supportive and caring atmosphere centered around hope and healing.  Referred guests are served with integrity and respect and without regard to financial resources.

Sounds like a worthwhile cause, huh? I thought so. And the folks at Airline Brewing Company have really pulled out all the stops to make the event awesome. You can run a 5k, a 10k, or a full on marathon, should you be feeling particularly sporty. If you want some more specific details, check out their Facebook Event page here.

So why not think about getting a little muddy, and getting a little exercise all to benefit an extremely good cause. Otherwise, you're just gonna end up like me....another lazy dude on the couch with nothing but regrets and a beer gut. Oh, did I mention there might be beer at this event too?! BAM!!!

So get yourself together and register today! You can do that right here. You don't have too much time to train between now and Sunday, but I believe in you. So get out there and show 'em whatcha got, and raise some funds for Sarah's House!


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