Three people are facing charges for allegedly trafficking in fentanyl and cocaine out of a Rumford hotel room.

Which Hotel Was This?

There's an unfortunate trend in Maine that hotel rooms are being used as headquarters for drug trafficking operations. Even the newest and nicest hotels are falling victim to this, including the new Best Western Plus on Prospect Avenue in Rumford, where three people were arrested. Rumford Police Chief Tony Milligan said in a media release that the staff at the Best Western isn't used to this kind of criminal activity and that police are working with them to help "ensure the safety of their guests and employees."

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Who Was Arrested?

On Thursday morning, March 1st, Rumford Police, on a tip, arrested three people who were allegedly selling drugs out of one of those rooms on Prospect Avenue.

  • Rashaud Lavoie, 31, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, was serving a 2-year term of probation for a Rumford PD case for felony possession of fentanyl with prior drug convictions at the time of his arrest.
  • Terrence Johnson, 30, of Rumford.
  • Kayla Day, 35, of Albany Township, was serving a 1-year probation for theft convictions at the time of her arrest.

When police arrived, they confirmed that the three suspects were sharing the room with a fourth person and that all three suspects had prior drug convictions. All three are charged with felony aggravated trafficking in fentanyl and trafficking in cocaine.

What Drugs Were Seized?

A search of their hotel room on Thursday resulted in the seizure of roughly 280 doses of fentanyl (28,000 milligrams), roughly 2 grams of cocaine, a cutting agent commonly used in the processing of scheduled drugs intended for distribution, and other associated drug paraphernalia. Officials say the potential street value of the fentanyl is estimated at more than $5,600.00.

All three were taken to the Oxford County Jail. Rumford Police say each of the three suspects faces a potential 4-year minimum mandatory sentence and up to 30 years in prison for the fentanyl charge. Lavoie may face up to an additional 2 years in prison and Day up to an additional 1 year in prison for the probation violation if convicted.

The case will be reviewed by the Attorney General's Office.

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