A Rockland woman has been ordered by the city to take down two large pro-Trump signs from the fence in front of her house.

WCSH-TV reports that Susan Reitman proudly displays two banners in front of her house. One says 'I love Trump' and the other says 'He Won, Get Over It.' But the city of Rockland has a problem with the signs, not for their political message, but rather because the size of the signs violates a city ordinance.

Assistant Code Officer Bill Butler says residential signs must be no larger than 2 square feet. Reitman's signs are a little bigger than 3 feet by 2 feet, which Butler says is 'well over the limit.' The city looked into the issue after a local resident complained about the signs.

Residents need to apply for permits to display any signage, according to Butler, and are then able to follow an appeals process if their application is denied. Reitman says she didn't know about the ordinance and is shocked that the city would force her to remove the displays. She has until Friday to remove the banners or will be fined between $100 and $1,000 dollars a day until they're taken down.

Reitman told WCSH-TV that she has no intention of taking the signs down because she considers it a freedom of speech issue.

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