Like most folks in my line of work, Record Store Day is something we all look forward to with great anticipation. It's when all the "cool" records come out for the year. All those B-sides from your favorite artists, all the Euro bootlegs, live albums, etc. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for it on April 21st.

But as I'm scanning a list of some 500+ releases coming out on Record Store Day, I see only the smallest handful of country releases. How does one of the top-selling style of music in the world decide to just go ahead and ignore this annual tradition? Or is it the fault of the music biz at large?

We may never know the real answer. I'm sure it's some bizarro conspiracy designed to keep us from getting any of the secret good stuff. I'm sure there's some Joe Schmoe out there with all the awesome country releases that are supposed to come out, hording them all to himself in his parents basement, getting ready to make a fortune on eBay.

That said, here's the incredibly, nay offensively, small list of country artists putting out some special releases:

Bobby Bare - Things Change  
Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison: 50th Anniversary Elegacy Edition  
Johnny Cash - I Love You Because / You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven 
Eric Church - 61 Days In Church (covers)  
Charlie Daniels - Memories, Memoirs & Miles: Songs Of A Lifetime  
Bobbie Gentry - Live at the BBC  
Lady Antebellum - Heart Break

So yeah....out of some 500 releases this year, seven are country artists. Now, Talyor Swift also has some stuff coming out, but she kind of went to the dark side a few years ago. but if you're a fan of Tay-Tay, check out her releases. And, I'm sure there are some smaller names out there, that I'm just not aware of. Maybe some young up and comers that we all haven't heard of yet.

If you're looking for a gigantic, comprehensive list of releases that day, check out the official Record Store Day website.

Maybe it's a slow burn and we'll have more to look forward to next year? Hopefully. But in the meantime, at least you could literally go out and buy all the albums that come out that day and not break the bank. See? A silver lining after all.


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