Election officials have completed the ranked choice voting process and have announced the Democrats' gubernatorial candidate.

Maine Attorney General Janet Mills has won the Democratic nomination for Governor, after four rounds of ranked choice voting tabulation. Mills took 54 percent of the votes, while Attorney Adam Cote had just under 46 percent. The winners for two other races have yet to be announced.

Jared Golden has won the Democratic nomination for the Congressional Second District. Golden took 54 percent of the votes, while Lucas St. Clair had just over 46 percent.

Last week's primary election was the first to use the ranked choice process that allows voters to rank their top three choices for office. The results of three races, in which a second round of tabulation needed to be conducted, were delayed after many scanned ballots were found to be unclear. The original ballots then had to be collected and entered again into the ranked choice computer.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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