I guess it had to happen, hackers have hit my account and are now trying to get my friends to send them money.  

Part of using social media is opening yourself up to potential hackers and scammers. I think we’ve all fallen victim, at one time or another. It’s usually the result of clicking on the wrong story or letting your password go too long without changing it. I’m likely guilty of both of those things, so I’m not sure how they got me, but get me they did.  

Early Thursday morning, I started getting messages from Facebook friends telling me my account had been hacked. I was a little short with the first person who told me because I was afraid that THEY were the hacker. But after the third friend messaged me, I knew it was true. Then I found out that the hackers were telling my friends (posing as me) that they had won a PCH prize. I thought, ‘what the heck is a PCH prize?’ So, I Googled it. PCH – Publisher's Clearing House. What?! 

I am not now, nor have I ever been, affiliated with Publisher’s Clearing House and I’ve never met Ed McMahon. I will not tell you that you’ve won a PCH prize and I certainly won’t ask you for your credit/banking information so you can send me the upfront fees before awarding you your winnings or tell you to notify a Facebook agent. Please don’t respond if you get one of these messages. It’s not me. It’s a hacker.  

The Better Business Bureau says these scams are pretty commonplace and they offer a reminder to never trust unsolicited messages, phone calls, texts, or other communication. Never give your financial information out or pay upfront fees for promised ‘winnings.’ Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  

Sorry to my Facebook friends that someone posed as me and made you think you’d won something. I’d love nothing more than to tell you that you’ve won a huge prize from Publisher’s Clearing House. Well, that’s not true. I’d love it more if I was the one that won. Stay safe.  

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