Dirigo Reads, a program that provides a free book every month of the school year to 1st graders in Maine, is looking for business partners so it can include even more kids.

One of my most vivid memories from childhood is of my brother giving me a copy of 'Little Women.' It had a purple cover, and was one of my first 'grown-up books.' I loved that book and held onto it for years. To this day, I relish the days when I can pour myself a cup of coffee, snuggle under a blanket, and read.

So, I'm excited about this program that is the brainchild of Dan and Karen Cashman, which endeavors to provide a free book, every month of the school year, to every 1st grader in Maine. There's something special about being given a book, that's not borrowed from the library, but is YOUR book. The kids can take them home, write their names inside the covers, and read them over and over. Right now, the program covers 6 schools and is expanding slowly, as they work on all the logistics of getting the books to the various locations. While the goal is to have Dirigo Reads give books to all 1st graders in Maine, the current plan is to add another 20 schools in September. Administrators interested in having their school included in the program, should contact Dirigo Reads. 

But, like anything else, this takes money. Karen and Dan are hoping to find more business partners who are willing to help fund the program, and make this ambitious plan a reality. Anyone interested in learning more or better yet, contributing, can get more information on the website for Dirigo Reads. You can also hear Dan talk more about the endeavor on our Sunday morning program, Maine Concerns.

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