Students in MSAD #1 were sent home Thursday morning after a threat of violence was found in the Principal's email.

Superintendent Ben Greenlaw said, in a letter shared on the district's Facebook page, that the email was sent to the email address belonging to Presque Isle High School Principal David Bartlett. While the email was delivered at 7:00 Wednesday evening, Bartlett didn't open it until arriving at the school Thursday morning. Due to the nature of the threat, and the fact that it was to occur on January 2nd, the decision was made to send the students home for the day.

Classes will resume on Friday, but Greenlaw says there will be an increased police presence at all the schools in the district. In addition, doors will be locked and students will not be allowed to leave the high school for lunch. The Aroostook County Sheriff's Office is working on the investigation into the threat with the Presque Isle Police Department.


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