The City of Bangor, Maine Facebook page put out a post on Monday, addressing an issue I'm sure a lot of you have become intimately familiar with this year.


Usually, we don't have to start dealing with this sort of thing until well into the New Year, but with the recent blast of warm air we had, coupled with an immense amount of rain, it created a different kind of perfect storm on our roads.

The city had been really coming in under the wire this year, trying to wrap up a bunch of road work before cold weather settled in. Some roads were all set, and others that were on the verge of getting work done, got left behind til spring.

In either case, we've all been seeing an inordinate amount of tire-munchers in our roadways. Should you need to report an issue, whether you hit one, or just want to bring attention to it, the city wanted to remind us of the best ways to contact them with any problems.

If you see or hit a monster pothole, you can call Public Works directly at 992-4500. You can also submit a report for potholes via the Go Bangor app, which is available for free download on your smartphone, or online at All reports are sent directly to the Public Works Dept.

Besides, if you call the city and start yelling and screaming, they will deal with your request accordingly, I imagine. We all want to, but like everyone's grandmother catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar. In the meantime though, try not to catch anymore potholes with your tires!



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